Sunday, 5 June 2011

Digia@Web v.2.03 Browser For S60v5

Digia @Web is a modern, fully finger
touch controllable, web browser for
mobile. @Web is currently available for
S60 5th Edition and Maemo mobile
devices free of charge.
Now available for S60 5th Edition Digia
@Web is the best choice for surfing the
web. It boasts a full finger touch UI
and renders the web as it is intented
using the state-of-the-art webkit
browser engine. Now available as beta @Web for S60 is already a versatile
browser providing direct page control
with finger, multiple browser
windows, url auto-complete and
automatic full screen browsing.
¤ Full finger touch UI
¤ Accelerated panning
¤ Automatic full screen browsing via
auto-hiding controls
¤ Multiple browser windows
¤ Page rotation for portrait and
landscape browsing
¤ Multiple zoom levels
¤ Password manager
¤ Intelligent Bookmark functionality
¤ Bookmark folders
¤ Bookmark favicons
¤ URL auto-complete (from history)
¤ 'Page loading in progress' indicator
¤ Text select for copy/paste
¤ RSS feeds
¤ HTML 4.01
¤ True web page rendering
¤ JavaScript(tm) 1.5
¤ HTTP 1.1 with support to secure and
non-secure browsing
¤ HTTP cache
¤ HTTP cookies
¤ AJAX support
¤ Flash content support
¤ Netscape compatible Plug-in interface



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