Tuesday, 24 April 2012

AllInOne FreeiSMS M15 v1.19 For S60v3, S60v5, S^3, With PREMIUM ACCOUNT

iSMS has speeded up!!!Optimized running speed! Power saving! Smooth user experience!
  iSMS is a perfect combination of message management, instant messaging and Fetion!
The Fetion plug-in and featured function iChat are efficient supplements of normal messaging channel on delivering messages
for iSMS users. The dialogue style interface brings you great convenience and fun!
Open style skin DIY! Over a hundred sets of skins available! Creative and unique!
Update notes:
* Optimized running speed, smooth user
* Optimized iChat internet connection, saves power and network flow.
* Share pictures and sounds with non-iChat users.
* Simplified message status alerts (already sent, received and failure etc.)
* Optimized display icons (channel icons, sounds/picture icons etc.) 

Adaptation phones:
Symbian S60v3rd
Symbian S60v5th
Symbian S^3

Login :
Username / Phone : 88889999
Password : neomegabyte


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