Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Nokia 3D World Gaze v.2.4.23 S^3, Anna, Belle Signed

Nokia 3D World Gaze gives you a new kind of viewpoint to the world, allowing you to see through the surface (and insides) of the planet all the way to the other side. Just point your phone to some direction and you will see reality in a way you have never seen before. In addition to geographical features such as continents in their real physical locations, Nokia 3D World Gaze allows you to see geotagged media, day and night regions, current location of the Sun, and other content from locations around the world. The application is targeted to anyone interested in exploring and learning new things about the world around us. It provides a serendipitous view of the world and can be used anywhere on the planet. In fact, we encourage you to try it while traveling abroad: the world looks surprisingly different depending on where you are viewing it from.
Updated April 25, 2012: 
Updated both N9 and Symbian versions with identical functionality.
Menu button always visible (you can still swipe it open, though).
Viewing recent earthquakes around the world.
Public tweets from Twitter (experimental feature; enable manually).
Select Bing or Google as the web search engine.
Make web searches based on earthquakes, Wikipedia articles titles, and news headlines.
Bug fixes.
Upgraded backend with more content and performance improvements. There are now 8.3 million items to.


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