Monday, 30 April 2012

EtAppLock v1.4.1 S60v3, S60v5, S^3 Unsigned Eng

ET app App Lock is powerfull encryption / decryption software.

App Lock Made by chinese ET ET Group. 1. Locking speed optimization; 2 Optimizing the locking means; 3 Increase the locking cues customized content can be a 4th List Optimizer load stability; 5 Remove the function to give prompt; 6 Other details of the optimization. Supported platforms: s60 v5 s60 v3 s ^ 3 status: unsigned Version 1.4.1
What's new:
1. Rate Lock adapted;
2. Adapted to the lock;
3. The key message can be changed;
4. Improved Installation Application List;
5. Remove Query Function;
6. Other details were developed.


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